Local corn harvest reaches halfway point

By Gary Scott on October 4, 2016 at 1:19pm

Corn harvest in West Central Illinois has surpassed the halfway point and continues to progress faster than usual.

In the local district, 98-percent of corn acres have reached the mature stage, while 64-percent are harvested. Soybean numbers in the West Southwest District are up as well, with 97-percent turning color, 89-percent dropping leaves and 20-percent harvested.

Illinois Crop Statistician Mark Schleusener says corn harvest is above normal pace while soybeans are behind pace.

“Corn harvest advanced nineteen points and is now 43-percent complete, compared to 38-percent for the five-year average. The condition of the crop was rated four-percent very poor-to-poor, 14 fair and 82-percent good-to-excellent, slightly below one week ago. Soybean harvest reached 16-percent complete, seven points behind normal pace, and 80-precent of acres are dropping leaves, one point ahead of normal. The condition of the soybean crop is now rated five-percent very poor-to-poor, 15 fair, 56 good and 24-percent excellent, slightly better than one week ago,” Schleusener says.                                   .

Local topsoil moisture was three-percent short, 88-percent adequate and nine-percent surplus. Subsoil moisture in the West Southwest District was one-percent very short, three-percent short, 92-percent adequate and four-percent surplus.