Local Gateway treatment center grand opening today

By Benjamin Cox on September 26, 2018 at 1:08pm

The Gateway Foundation is opening their local residential and recovery homes today.

The Jacksonville Area Chamber of Commerce is presenting the Grand Opening of the Gateway Foundation alcohol and drug treatment center at 1300 Lincoln Ave. this afternoon.

Kasia Loniewska is the Recovery Home and Residential Manager at the new local treatment center. She says area residents are welcome to attend the grand opening. Loniewska offers the schedule for today’s grand opening and some special guests.

“It starts at 3:30, and the ribbon cutting ceremony is scheduled to be held at 4 p.m. We are very excited to welcome members of the community and organizations as well as all the partners that we are looking forward to working with in the future. We will have tours of our facilities as guests are coming in. We have our outpatient program, our residential program as well as our recovery home. We will be serving some appetizers and some food and desserts after a little while. Please join us for networking and getting to know our staff as we get to know the Jacksonville community.”

Loniewska says the residential and recovery homes will be part of the men’s program.

“We have walk-in consultations every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from noon until 2. Any individual can come in for a screening. At that time, it is determined what kind of services this client requires, whether that may be outpatient services or residential or others, and this service is for both male and female adults. In the case that the consulted client is a female and residential treatment is determined to be the best course of action, that female adult will be referred to our Springfield women’s program center.”

Loniewska describes her gratitude in light of this new career opportunity.

“I specifically moved from Chicago to Springfield to join the Gateway Foundation a few years ago, and it’s just been a privilege and an honor to be a part of the supervisory and management team in Springfield. We have grown so much in the time that I have been there. It’s really just the idea of coming to work everyday and being a part of a team that really cares for clients and provides the best services possible, and it is my honor to now be able to lead the residential program and recovery home in Jacksonville.”

The new Gateway Foundation Jacksonville Alcohol and Drug Treatment Center sits in the same place that the Wells Center once occupied. You can find more information about the center at gatewayfoundation.org by searching for Jacksonville under the Locations section.