Local gym adding new sports complex early next month

By Gary Scott on December 10, 2016 at 10:15am

Fitness World is adding a 24,000 square-foot sports complex to their local facility just in time for everyone’s New Year’s resolutions.

Rachel Rohn, who co-owns Fitness World with her husband John Rohn, says construction crews will put on the finishing touches over the next few weeks.

“We are about 95% done. Probably the last thing we are going to do be able to finish next week is our max performance room, which is going to host all of our new max classes that we’re going to have at our new facility. We’re right on track to be done and open by January 2nd,” says Rohn.

The new complex features an indoor track, several sport courts and a maximum performance room. One of the more exciting features Rohn anticipates is the three new sports simulators for golf, football and baseball.

Between January and May, Fitness World’s new complex will host co-ed sporting leagues for youth and adults. Along with the new equipment, Fitness World is bringing in new instructors and several new classes.

Rohn says the additions are based on what the members showed an interest in.

“From the get go we really wanted to listen to what our members wanted first. There’s a lot of things the Jacksonville community has and it’s been great, so we just kind of wanted to add to it and help out in the best way we possibly could. What we saw was the need for youth to be involved in something year round no matter what it is. To be able to have them have a connection to sports is huge for us, so whether it’s through the sports simulators or through a league, there’s something for everybody,” says Rohn.

Rohn says they will continue to use customer feedback to make more improvements. She says the new complex is something people really need to see to believe.

“I think we’re going to get a lot more feedback between December 16th and January 12th, because until you really see it, you don’t understand everything that we’ve brought into this new sports complex,” says Rohn.

Members and non-members are welcome to tour Fitness World’s new sports complex between December 16th and December 27th. Visit fitnessworldhc.com for more information about the new facility.

According to Rohn, Fitness World’s new complex will be fully operational as of January 2nd.