Local police arrest Macoupin County man for alleged aggravated criminal sexual abuse

By Gary Scott on February 23, 2018 at 12:29pm

A Macoupin County man is behind bars following his arrest for alleged aggravated criminal sexual abuse yesterday.

According to reports from the Jacksonville Police Department, local officers arrested 19-year old Jacob Burrow, of Nilwood, Illinois, for alleged aggravated criminal sexual abuse.

Detective Doug Thompson with the Jacksonville Police Department explains the circumstances that eventually led to Burrow’s arrest.

“We had a report come in that (Burrow) may have had inappropriate actions with an individual 12 years of age or younger that is known to him. I’m not one hundred percent sure where (the complaint) came from, whether it came from DCFS or it came from the child advocacy center,” says Thompson.

The details surrounding the alleged incidents committed by Burrow are limited at this time, local law enforcement is in the process of producing their official reports, where further information could potentially become available. But as for the allegations of aggravated criminal sexual abuse, Thompson says that the charge against Burrow is classified as “aggravated” because of the fact that the alleged victim was known to the suspect.

“The way the law is written, if the suspect is age 17 and older, and the victim is 12 years old or younger, the statute dictates what charge it is,” Thompson explains.

While Burrow is listed as a resident of Nilwood, a small town in Macoupin County a few miles south of Girard, Thompson says the victim is believed to be from Jacksonville.

“The victim would have to be from here for us to make the case. The reports aren’t done yet, but I would, because there’s no warrant for (Burrow), I would have to assume that we arrested him (in Jacksonville),” says Thompson.

The alleged incidents remain under investigation by Jacksonville Police. Burrow remains lodged at the Morgan County Detention Facility.