Local Resident Featured On Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon Segment

By Gary Scott on July 26, 2017 at 12:27pm

One lucky Jacksonville resident was lucky enough to be featured on one of the country’s biggest late night shows last night.

Local viewers who tuned into to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon last night may have seen a familiar face, as Mike Kafer of Jacksonville could be seen strutting his stuff on the big screen.

Kafer was part of the show’s on-the-street dance segment. Kafer talks about how it all went down.

“We were just walking down the street, hanging out in Rockafeller Plaza and we were approached by NBC’s staff and asked if these were our kids and we said yes, and that we were (in New York City) for a dance trip for our girls. So they were like ‘oh great, well we’re going a segment on dad’s dancing and we’re going to have the kids react to it, would you be interested?’ So I said ‘sure’ so I did a little dance and was lucky enough to get on (the show),” says Kafer.

Kafer explains the segment he was featured on, and says he was fortunate to be picked for the show.

“They give you a little song and you do a few dances to it, then they stop (the song) and ask the kids how they thought you did. It was fun, it was a New York experience and I really didn’t think I’d be on TV, but I was lucky enough to be one of the ones chosen,” Kafer says.

Kafer says he didn’t know the song he was given, but says he had a signature dance move that landed him on national television.

“They had a film crew and played some song, I didn’t even know what song it was, but I was dancing to it. I did a bunch (of dance moves), cause I didn’t know which one they were looking for, but the ‘Raise The Roof’ was the one they put on,” Kafer explains.

To view the segment featuring Kafer, click here.