Local residents share thoughts on Presidential debates

By Gary Scott on October 20, 2016 at 1:04pm

With the third and final Presidential debate in the books, who do West Central Illinoisans feel should be our next Commander In Chief?

WLDS-WEAI News hit the streets of Jacksonville this morning to get the opinion of local voters. We talked with Willy Six, who’s firmly behind Republican candidate Donald Trump.

“When Donald Trump come out, I’m not sure that he was my first choice at first, but after listening to him on what he supports…he’s against this partial birth thing, he’s against abortion, he’s for the Second Amendment. I’m for everything that he is and I’m not for anything that Hillary Clinton is for,” say Six.

Even though Alexia Helmer still has “Bernie Sanders fever,” she is still leaning towards casting her vote with the Democratic party.

“I can’t say I’m really for Hillary because I was a huge “Berner,” love Bernie, I do miss him. I think in order for the country to continue to be progressive, we have to put Hillary in the White House. So I’m not saying that I’m actually going to vote for her because I’m kind of torn between voting for her and signing Bernie’s name in,” Helmer explains.

Many Americans are still undecided on who to vote for, such as Samuel Holmes Jr., who’s unhappy with both candidates.

“I do appreciate probably the Republican policies just a little bit more. The Democrats are a little too liberal for me, I think we’re getting too far away from moral. But, however, the Republicans have a Republican candidate who seems to lack a lot of those morals, so they almost kind of contradict a policy of being conservative. So we’re kind of just disappointed at this point and time,” says Holmes Jr.

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Election day is on November 8th.