Local state rep weighs in on auditor general selection

By Gary Scott on October 7, 2015 at 1:31pm

A member of the Illinois House is being recommended to be the state’s next auditor general.

The Legislative Audit Commission voted 11-1 on Tuesday for Spring Valley Democrat Frank Mautino, who would be replacing William Holland. He is expected to retire in December.

Fourteen candidates were on the original list.

Jacksonville State Representative C.D. Davidsmeyer is a member of the commission. He weighs in on selecting the 53-year-old Mautino, who has held office since 1991.

“When we talk about auditing, I think a lot of people think about financial auditing. A lot of what happens in Illinois is systems auditing and program auditing. You really have to have a good knowledge of government and be able to put yourself in a non-partisan role. I think that he has proven his ability to do that on his years under the legislative audit commission.”
The only member of the audit commission to not vote for Mautino was State Senator Jim Oberweis, who instead supported one of the other four finalists, Mary Modelski of Hoffman Estates. Modelski is the division chief for internal audits in Alameda County, California. Davidsmeyer talks about her candidacy.

“She had the auditing experience that would make her a huge asset to the state of Illinois. I feel like she is someone who could step into an auditing position, but I wasn’t sure if she is someone who could lead the auditor generals office. No matter what happens, she will be a huge asset to the state of Illinois if she could make that happen.”

The two other options were Representative Elaine Nekritz, a Democrat from Northbrook, and Larry Sanders, an attorney. Davidsmeyer talks about picking a former lawmaker to serve as auditor general, as was previously the case with Holland.

“When we get over to Springfield, the most political positions are the chiefs of staff and things of that sort. I think that someone like Frank Mautino, who has proven to be bi-partisan and non-partisan on the legislative audit commission, can step up and do that.”

The General Assembly must approve the selection.