Lottery tiebreaker to Decide Ballot Positioning for South Jax Trustees, President

By Gary Scott on December 20, 2016 at 1:10pm

The Village of South Jacksonville announced a lottery tiebreaker for simultaneous petition filings set to take place next week.

The tiebreaker will determine candidate positioning for three Village Trustee positions and one Village President position for the upcoming Consolidated Election.

Village Clerk Dani Glascock explains why the tiebreaker is needed.

“Monday, December 12th was the first day to file petitions for the positions that are open for the Village of South Jacksonville. We had two people that filed at 8 o’clock for Village President and four people file for the Trustee positions. What we do in order to break those ties and determine ballot placement, we have what’s called a lottery. Each person is assigned a number and the first number drawn out will be the first person on the ballot,” says Glascock.

The two people who filed for Village President are Glascock and Harry Jennings. The four trustees involved in the tiebreaker are Wilbur German, Paula Belobrajdic-Stewart, Dick Samples and Kem Wilson.

Glascock says the names in the lottery are formatted alphabetically.

“The names are placed in alphabetical order. We actually had a person who filed after the 12th, so we actually have five people who’ve filed for the three Trustee positions, but the four that are involved in the lottery, their names are placed in alphabetical order and assigned a number,” says Glascock.

Glascock says the rules for the lottery tiebreaker come from the Illinois State Board of Elections.

Greg Nelson is the fifth trustee candidate, though he will not be involved in the tiebreaker because he filed his petitions at a later date.

The lottery will take place in the Village Hall Board Room on Tuesday, December 27th at 4:30 p.m.