Lottery winners could soon get paid; local vendor says sales not affected by budget problems

By Gary Scott on October 21, 2015 at 12:53pm

We could be getting close to ending at least one part of the state budget standoff- the part that is keeping prize money out of the hands of winners of Illinois Lottery.

The state announced last week that due to the budget impasse, winners of prizes worth more than $600 won’t get paid until there is a budget.

But the House Executive Committee approved a bill yesterday that would provide nearly two-billion dollars to fund things like lottery winners and local 911 emergency services.

Judy Davidson, who works at the customer service desk at County Market in Jacksonville and handles the sales and redemption of lottery tickets, says she hasn’t noticed much of a difference in the sales.

“I really haven’t noticed a big drop. There might be a little bit of a drop, but it’s more that people are complaining more, but I still seem them buy [tickets],” Davidson. “They might be buying as much, but I still think we go through as many as we were.”

Illinois has been without a budget in the new fiscal year since July 1st. The full House must still vote on the partial budget measure, and they’re not scheduled to be back in Springfield until November.