Mac sponsored Science in the Movies series returns Sunday

By Ryne Turke on September 25, 2015 at 6:41am

The film dates for year three of the Science in the Movies series have been released to the public.

MacMurray College assistant professor of physics Joanne Budzien is the organizer of the monthly event and says the series averages about 20 people for each showing.

“We show the good parts of movies. It usually consists of five or six clips from different movies. I’ve shown clips from silent movies, foreign moves and movies that came out on DVD the month before. We have done car chases and off road chases. We have done monsters, outer space and spy gadgets.”

Budzien notes that audience members have raised interesting questions during the film showings.

“I think there is an idea that people would like to see what is realistic and what is movie magic. I know people have really enjoyed finding that the movies have understated some of the things that really would happen in real life.”

The film series is free to the public and open to all ages. Popcorn and candy will be provided during the films.

The film series starts this Sunday in the Bailey Auditorium at 4 p.m.

The following is the film lineup for year three.

*         Sunday, Sept. 27 - Under the Table! Still More Explosions in the Movies.
This crowd favorite returns to start the series off with a bang. This session will
look at new clips of sensational detonations and blasts.

*         Sunday, Oct. 25 -- What is that Thing?! Monsters in the Movies. Acid
blood, gaping jaws and large claws still don't make movie monsters any more
impressive than real life.

*          Sunday, Nov. 29 - It's Behind the Bookcase! Secret Bases in the Movies.
From underground lairs to hidden mountain retreats, secret bases are seemingly
everywhere, if Hollywood is to be believed. What's your neighbor go in (or under)
his garage?

*         Sunday, Jan. 24 - They're After Us! Chases in the Movies. Another Science
in the Movies favorite returns with new sharp turns, big jumps and quick reversals,
making movie chases a fun exploration of physics.

*         Sunday, Feb. 21 - Got a Watch? Time in the Movies. Time travel is a tricky
thing, especially when you worry about physics. See how Hollywood does with the
space-time continuum.

*         Sunday, April 3 - Don't Drink That! Chemistry in the Movies. Acids, bases
and explosives from clear liquids are real chemistry. Come find out what's all
around us and how common chemicals make their film appearances.