MacMurray College gets re-accredited, but placed on probation

By Gary Scott on July 11, 2016 at 8:07pm

MacMurray College has been placed on probation by a regional accreditation agency.

According to an email from MacMurray, the school received notification on Monday from the Higher Learning Commission’s board of trustees that it has been re-accredited, but placed on probation retroactively effective at the end of last month.

Mac officials say it’s because of concerns related to strategic planning and systematic improvement, based on findings from a comprehensive evaluation visit last October.

The press release says MacMurray remains fully accredited during the probation period, and students remain eligible for Title IV funds and financial aid.

MacMurray President Mark Tierno said in a statement, “Based on MacMurray’s unprecedented progress in the past academic year, I am disappointed with the HLC’s action against [the school], as it unjustly punishes us for actions that predate the current administration and ignores recent and current advances.

“I have confidence in our ability to overcome this unjust sanction as we continue to strengthen our institution.”

Tierno says he fully expects the Higher Learning Commission to not have any concerns at the end of the college’s sanction period because the “causes for their concerns have already been addressed.”