MacMurray plans to name new president in May

By Ryne Turke on April 18, 2015 at 7:03am

The search for MacMurray College’s next president has been narrowed down to an elite group of candidates.

Dr. Judith Hackman, a co-chair of the MacMurray College Presidential Search Committee, spoke with WLDS-WEAI News about the committee’s current progress.

Hackman says MacMurray College originally received around 60 applications, but that list has been narrowed down to the top four candidates. Hackman says each of the candidates, whose names have not been released, were interviewed this week on the MacMurray campus.

“We think they are all excellent candidates.They met with students, faculty, staff and then toured the campus. We are really excited about them,” says Hackman.

Hackman says the candidates were impressed with MacMurray College and felt they could bring a positive aspect to the campus.

The 18 member Presidential Search Committee includes MacMurray trustees, faculty, students and individuals from the community. Hackman highlights the valuable characteristics the board is looking for.

“The ability to be a positive leader at MacMurray. They need to work with the staff, faculty and students in a positive way,” says MacMurray.

“The two key points are actually fundraising and student enrollment. The fundraising part involves being very involved with alumni. They go around the country in the first 100 days, making sure alumni know what is happening at MacMurray and how we can connect better with them.”

Hackman also expressed the importance of finding a principal who will help provide a great college experience for the students.

The MacMurray College board of trustees will have the final decision on the next president.

MacMurray College’s Director of Public Relations Ted Roth says that vote will take place in early May, with the announcement made shortly after.

Current president, Dr. Colleen Hester, announced she will be stepping down from her position back in December of 2014.