MacMurray Professor’s article to be published in national journal

By Gary Scott on March 23, 2018 at 3:00pm

A professor from one of Jacksonville’s four-year colleges will have an article of his published in an upcoming edition of a national journal.

MacMurray College’s Bruce Liebe serves as the senior director of the School of Professional Studies and is an assistant professor of homeland security at the local institution. This week, the college is announcing that Liebe’s article entitled “Establishing a Structured Training Program,” is to be published in the upcoming spring 2018 edition of “The Tactical Edge,” a well-renowned journal from the National Tactical Officers Association, or NTOA.

According to officials with MacMurray College, Liebe’s article advocates for the development of an assessment program regarding specialized functions of law enforcement. In a statement, Liebe says, “While police academies employ formal assessment programs for accreditation process, individualized units often do not.” As for the assessment process proposed in his article, Liebe says that it is “essentially the model that has been adopted by MacMurray College.”

How Liebe selected the particular topic for “Establishing a Structured Training Program” came as a result of two separate considerations. The first consideration comes from Liebe’s belief that experts have identified that there is a need for more formalized training programs for specialized units. As for the second consideration, Liebe explains that “by diving into the assessment model and relating it to others, it afforded the opportunity to become more fluent in the MacMurray Assessment process.”

Aside from this latest article, Liebe contributes regularly to the NTOA’s quarterly publication, producing articles on the various aspects of how to properly manage critical incidents. Along with publishing Liebe’s work, the NTOA is adding his aforementioned article to their national Command College program’s mandatory reading list.