Man gets 4-year sentence for sexual contact with family member

By Gary Scott on January 7, 2015 at 2:17pm

A Murrayville man has been sentenced to four years in the Illinois Department of Corrections after reaching a plea deal on a sex crime.

Twenty-year-old Jacob McGlasson pleaded guilty to aggravated criminal sexual abuse this morning in Morgan County Court. McGlasson gets credit for 66 days served in local jail. He’ll serve between two years and a lifetime mandatory supervised release, with the exact length to be determined by the IDOC.

McGlasson allegedly had sexual contact with a family member on November 3rd of last year who was under the age of 13.

Robert Bonjean is the Morgan County State’s Attorney.

“Dealing with Mr. McGlasson, we discovered he had somewhat of a troubled youth, kind of bounced around from his families, was in some trouble as a juvenile. Did not have any adult record, but then kind of recently prior to the offense, had come to live with family members here in Morgan County, and that’s when the trouble kind of started,” he says.

Bonjean says based on contact with McGlasson’s family, their main concern was getting him help.

“That probably would have required me to provide him a sentence or an offer that did not send him to the Department of Corrections, would have been some type of probation with counseling, and that [was] something that I [had] to weigh,” says Bonjean.

“I felt that based on the threat he potentially provided to the community that he needed to go to the Department of Corrections.”

McGlasson was represented by public defender Tom Piper. Bonjean says there was initial concern about the lack of ability in terms of mental capacity for McGlasson to understand the charges.

“The court went to great detail to make sure he understood what was going on here today, and I think he did, but he’s obviously dealing with some issues, and I think those issues kind of led to the behavior that led to the charges,” he says.

“Based on my conversations with Mr. Piper as to his general interaction with the defendant, the defendant did understand and was fit for trial.”

A charge of sexual exploitation with a child was dropped as part of the plea deal. McGlasson was also fined $1,080.