Marshall Chevrolet reopens showroom today

By Ryne Turke on July 15, 2016 at 5:05pm

A Scott County car dealership that burned to the ground in January is set to open a new showroom today.

Marshall Chevrolet in Winchester owner Jay Rueter talked about the progress his company has made over the past six months on WLDS’ “AM-Conversation”.

“January it completely burnt to the ground. They started building on February 22nd. By the 15th of July, we are moving into a new building. We have had so much support for Jacksonville area businesses, Jacksonville area customers and Winchester has bent over backwards. They had fundraisers for mechanics to replenish their tools back,” says Rueter. …us.” :25 694

Rueter wanted to make sure Marshall Chevrolet was part of the revival of downtown Winchester.

“We wanted to be open for the Winchester Celebration Picnic on Saturday and give a chance for everyone to come in and see the place. They are having a parade first thing then a car show around the square. They are expecting over 200 cars, so I just opened the showroom so people can register in here,” says Rueter.

Rueter says the employees at Marshall Chevrolet have “a new sense of pride” going to work. Marshall Chevrolet reopened three days after the January fire.