Mascot for hire business opens in Jacksonville

By Ryne Turke on August 28, 2015 at 9:07am

A Jacksonville man running a mascot for hire operation is reaching out to local businesses, organizations and event planners in the area.

Jeff Miller started the one-man business six months ago after medical complications from a tumor. He says his new career allows him to meet new people, get some exercise and conduct a unique service for the citizens of Jacksonville.

“I’m ready to work if someone needs a character to brighten up their event or attract business to their location,” says Miller.

Miller says he has plenty of experience working as a mascot in the past and has even helped boost revenue for struggling businesses.

“I had a brother with a struggling business and I suggested to rent a costume and force traffic to notice him. It worked and his business went up about 25 percent that day. We kept it up and we got more and more business,” says Miller.

“I went to Canton dressed as Uncle Sam at a fireworks stand. In 2014, the tent did $27-thousand and with the Uncle Sam character it did over $30-thousand. Despite money being tight, with a character out there flagging traffic to the tent, we were able to increase business by over $3-thousand.”

In addition to the Uncle Sam costume, Miller owns a chicken and lion mascot outfit. Once business picks up Miller will be adding additional mascot apparel to his collection.

Miller, who made an appearance last week at the Links Golf Course, charges a rate of $15 per hour.

Miller plans on reaching out to local nursing homes soon to entertain the elderly.

To contact Miller for an event or a free estimate call 719-0613.