May Weather

By Gary Scott on June 4, 2024 at 6:37am

May was hotter, and less wet than usual.

The average temperature in May was 67 and a half degrees. That’s about 4 and a half degrees hotter than normal.

It was the hottest May since 2018, when the mercury averaged 71 and a half degrees.

Daily highs reached 79, and lows stayed between 56 and 57.

No daily record highs or lows were set last month. The top reading was 91 on the 22nd, and the coolest reading was 50 on the 5th.

That 91 was the only reading above 90, though there were 11 days at 80 or better.

Readings stayed in the 50s for 16 of the 31 nights.

Total rainfall usually reaches over 4 and three quarter inches. But, Mother Nature had pity on us, and kept rainfall at just over 3 and a third inches.

The top rainfall was 88 hundredths on the 25th at the start of a 4 day run that brought in an inch and two thirds.

It was wet on 18 on the 31 days last month.

WLDS-WEAI is an official observer of the National Weather Service.