McCann files Senate Joint Resolution, talks future of budget

By Gary Scott on June 5, 2017 at 1:06pm

The state of Illinois entered historic territory last week as it failed yet again to pass a budget by the May 31st deadline.

With both politicians and citizens upset with the stagnation at the State Capitol, local Senator Sam McCann is sharing his thoughts on the matter as the General Assembly prepares to re-enter session this month.

McCann says the government of Illinois has failed its citizens, and that without something miraculous happening, the state could enter its third year without a budget.

McCann believes Illinois’ 100th General Assembly will likely be remembered for all of the wrong reasons, and because of that, he has filed for a joint resolution to possibly fix the problem.

“That’s one of the reason why I filed Senate Joint Resolution 44, which calls upon the General Assembly and the Governor to be here in Springfield to work together a minimal of six days a week until a balanced budget is agreed upon and enacted,” says McCann.

It will now take three-fifths majority votes in both chambers if a budget is to be approved before July 1st, when the fiscal year begins.