Mediacom increasing speed of broadband service

By Ryne Turke on March 31, 2016 at 12:34pm

Mediacom Communications is making a billion-dollar investment over the next three years towards wide-scale 1-gigabit broadband service.

The month of March marks the 20th anniversary of Mediacom’s first cable system purchase.

Mediacom Communication Director Phillis Peters says “Project Gigabit” will provide 1-gigabit per second broadband services to virtually all of the three-million homes and businesses in Mediacom’s 22-state footprint.

“And gigabit service is 1,000 megabits of data per second. That is roughly 100 times faster than your typical speed. We are making this big financial investment to update our technology and our networks so it is ready for the next. generation.”

Peters says Mediacom has been making analog-to-digital channel conversions, which is opening up more bandwidth.

“We want to devote more space in our network for higher speed. One of the ways is that we have been changing the way we deliver our video signal, so it is much more efficient and compressed.”

Peters says gigabit speeds have been provided to hospitals, clinics and universities for the past ten years.

Mediacom is also working to improve fiber-based communication services in downtown districts and increase Wi-Fi access through high traffic areas.