Memorial Medical Center opens virtual clinic

By Gary Scott on December 21, 2017 at 5:52pm

The Memorial M-D Smart Clinic is operated by Passavant Hospital and Memorial Medical Center. The Smart Clinic is a virtual clinic where you can access healthcare online. If you are ever feeling Ill, you can log onto:

“It is intended to treat acute, non chronic,non emergent illnesses.” Said Regina White, a nurse practitioner with Memorial Medical Center. “It is intended to give patients to give them an avenue to healthcare where they can’t get into their provider, maybe they are on vacation, maybe a college student who can’t get home or maybe they don’t have a healthcare provider. If they don’t have healthcare, this is just another avenue to get their needs met.”

The Memorial M-D Smart Clinic is open 7 days a week from 7 a.m. – 7 p.m. It’s even open holidays.

“Once you get to, click on enroll and if you are new patient or haven’t used the clinic before, you need to create an account. When a patient creates an account, the patient enters their personal information, allergies, medication, things like that and insurance does not pay for this service. It’s a $40 service and it is billed up front. If something happens and we don’t feel we can not take care of the the patient’s need virtually, then we recommend them to see their provider, the emergency room or express care and we don’t charge them anything.”

The Smart Clinic is staffed with eleven family nurse practitioners and a patient can expect to wait for about 15 minutes for they are seen. If someone submits information after 7 p.m., their information will enter the clinic’s cue and will been seen in the morning.

“They enter as many as three symptoms.They can enter how long they have had these symptoms. If they are having a fever, they can enter their temperature. They can enter a pain scale and then they will answer a series of questions. They can enter a photo if the patient has a rash or poison ivy or something. They can choose their own pharmacy by choosing a pharmacy, all they have to do is enter a zip code. They simply select the pharmacy where they want the prescription to go to if one warranted.  There’s also a free text box at the end. So if the patient wants to include information that the provider should know that maybe the questions didn’t ask and then they submit that to the clinician.

The patient only has to type out the issues. There’s no need for a webcam.