Memorial Physician Services Jacksonville gets high mark

By Gary Scott on May 24, 2016 at 2:10pm

Memorial Physician Services has been once again been recognized for achieving the highest level possible by national standards for its facility in Jacksonville.

According to a press release, that stems from its designation as a Level 3 Patient-Centered Medical Home by the National Committee for Quality Assistance.

Dr. Gerald Suchomski, the medical director of quality programs for Memorial Physician Services, says that status is achieved by a number of criteria.

“The certification is a process of providing a number of avenues that help facilitate this. They range anywhere from making sure that we look at data, how are we doing with patients, where are we falling down, and what can we do to improve that, to bringing the patient in the middle of discussion and active participation in their treatment, to the process of electronic management of healthcare records,” he says.

“It’s a multi-faceted kind of thing.”

Suchomski says the re-certification is significant because the standards are higher this time around.

“When we did this the first time, we were working off standards for 2011. They redid those standards in 2014, and they’re tougher, so, we felt good about the ability to be able to make that mark in all of our MPS clinics,” says Suchomski.

“The clinic that we have in Jacksonville is one of our lead dogs, actually. They’re very active in the forefront of this whole process, and they do all of this extremely well.”

The designation is valid for three years.