Meredosia School District to undergo campus renovation

By Ryne Turke on March 17, 2015 at 12:44pm

Foundation is being laid for major renovation changes over the next few years to the facilities of the Meredosia School District.

An updated building plan was presented to board members to improve the existing layout of the school district.

Superintendent Ron Gilbert says the school board has been looking at enrollments for the past few years to come up with the best strategic plan possible.

With a significant amount of structural repairs needed at the elementary building and funding at the district limited, Gilbert says the best course of action is to renovate the main campus.

“Get that set up to where we can have designated spots for an elementary school, middle school and a high school,” says Gilbert.

“We have some classroom areas that are very large and it will consist of adding some walls and doors and basically renovating the existing space.”

Gilbert says the process will be a two-year-phase.

“First phase would be this summer to get everything in place to start renovating the northeast section for the high school,” says Gilbert.

“We want to make sure we get the rooms set up and we have everything in order. When we do the second phase during the following summer we can begin moving and transitioning things into the building.”

Gilbert expects the elementary school to be officially closed at the end of the renovation process. He says the board will have a tough decision regarding what to do with the elementary building.

“This building is something that has been in our community for a long time. We want to make sure that, when we sell it to the right person or provide some type of use for it, somebody will do something constructive with it,” says Gilbert.

The school board agreed to issue $500,000 in working cash fund bonds for the project. This will be in conjunction with the school facilities tax.

Staff and board members will have a chance to review the plans and express their opinions before everything is finalized.