Meredosia in talks with Triopia and Virginia for junior high co-op

By Ryne Turke on March 21, 2015 at 12:30pm

Meredosia junior high school is discussing a sports cooperative for next year with two schools in the area.

At the high school level, Meredosia participates in a sports co-op with Triopia.

Meredosia Superintendent Ron Gilbert says the success from that co-op brought the athletic directors from Meredosia, Triopia and Virginia together. The athletic directors met with school board members to form a sports partnership at the junior high level.

“We were trying to create a situation where we have host schools and rotate it to where each school would have the sporting activities take place at their campus,” says Gilbert.

“Traditionally when a co-op forms, the host has all of the games and we are trying to do that differently. We want to be able to keep all the communities involved in those activities.”

Gilbert talks about what sports would continue to run if a cooperative deal was established.

“Basically it is our junior high baseball and softball programs. With all the things going on these days, numbers and participation seems to be a challenge. This was a way to keep those activities alive and active for our kids,” says Gilbert.

The co-op is still in the approving stage and Gilbert hopes to have everything final by the summer months.