Meredosia residents to vote on trash service ordinance

By Ryne Turke on November 5, 2016 at 11:01am

A village in Morgan County with around 1,000 residents is trying to determine the best course of action to take when it comes to trash pickup services.

The following question is being posed to Meredosia voters: Should the Village of Meredosia contract with a single, third-party sanitation disposal provider for the weekly collection and removal of non-commercial garbage, refuse and ashes?

Trustee Johnny Rentz presented this idea to the Meredosia board when he was elected last year. Board members liked the idea and decided the voters should have a say in the matter before further action is taken.

Rentz tells WLDS-WEAI News three trash disposal providers are currently being used in Meredosia: Area Disposal, Jennings Brothers of Mt. Sterling and Mark Jennings of Mt. Sterling.

“I thought if we maybe had one, what could they do for us? Would it be cheaper for our residents and the community? I brought this up to the board and they agreed to discuss this. If the vote does turn out ‘yes’ then I could see us contacting these three companies a proposal and seeing what they could do for us,” says Rentz.

If the proposal passes and Meredosia trustees select an exclusive trash provider, Rentz believes trash bills could be added to the water/sewer bill of village residents.

“We would be the collector. That is one thing that could make this cheaper for the residents. Also in this, Area verbally said they could offer a spring or fall cleanup week. This would be at no cost to the village, but there is nothing on paper about that,” says Rentz.