Mia Ware Foundation gives six-figure donation to Passavant

By Gary Scott on December 17, 2015 at 12:05pm

By far its largest donation or contribution back to the Jacksonville community.

That’s how officials with the Mia Ware Foundation described the $100-thousand check donated yesterday afternoon to Passavant Area Hospital.

The Jacksonville-based organization works on educating the public about various types of cancers and specifically focuses on breast cancer awareness. Passavant CEO Doug Rahn says the money will help pay for the hospital’s new 3-D mammography unit, and with renovation for the mammography suites.

“The new technology’s pretty exciting because it really increases the diagnostic capabilities that the radiologists use,” says Rahn. “We just couldn’t be more thankful for the partnership between the Mia Ware Foundation and Brad and the other board members. It’s truly a great community partnership that’s really translating into direct benefits for our community,” he adds.

Mia Ware Foundation director Brad Ware notes the group has worked with the hospital previously on things like remodeling the chemotherapy infusion room, and sponsoring the hospital’s colorectal drive.

“When we have the opportunity to give back to our community- which, we worked at this for years- we’re able to now make a contribution, because Passavant’s been really forward thinking,” says Ware.

“The new equipment that they have, we want to support our community. People don’t have to travel, they can stay right here and get state-of-the-art technology as far as prescreening and testing. This is wonderful for our community.”

You can view a short photo album showing the hospital’s new mammography unit by visiting our Facebook page.