Missouri Man Fights and Injures Brown Co. Officers in Warrant Arrest

By Benjamin Cox on June 13, 2024 at 5:45am

A Hunnewell, Missouri man accused of embezzling money from a livestock auction house in Monroe City, Missouri was arrested by Brown County Sheriff’s Deputies last week, that saw one officer get injured.

41-year old Ryan M. Edlin made his first appearance in Monroe County Circuit Court on Tuesday on one count of money laundering, five counts of theft above $25,000 or more, a count of forgery to a tax return, and a count of deceptive business practice.

Edlin’s mother, 64-year old Anna M. Edlin is also accused of similar charges, but was arrested back in April.

Muddy River News reports that a probable cause statement filed on April 11th by Monroe County Missouri Sheriff Joe Colston said he received a criminal complaint alleging that Ryan Edlin embezzled approximately $3.5 million during his employment from March 2019 to October 2023 at a local business. The business was later identified as Heinold Hog Market. Anna Edlin’s involvement in the scheme was redacted from the document.

Ryan Edlin was apprehended on June 4th at a residence on East Street in Mount Sterling in a home owned by his father. Edlin is alleged to have fled from Brown County Deputies at the time and then is said to have assaulted officers and had a stand off.

No current charges have been filed in Brown County Circuit Court over the incident, according to online court records.

According to the Muddy River News Report, Edlin is said to have fled inside his father’s home with officers in pursuit. Officers then had to force entry into the home, where firearms were said to have been present. Officers are said to have incurred several injuries in Edlin’s apprehension, including one receiving a broken nose. No further information on the events of the arrest are available.

Edlin was transported to the Schuyler County Jail and extradited to Monroe County last Wednesday. The Missouri charges are scheduled for a preliminary hearing on June 20th.