Mobile Library set to roam Jacksonville over the summer

By Ryne Turke on May 8, 2016 at 8:38am

A new program in Jacksonville is giving students the opportunity to do some extra reading over the summer.

Jacksonville Public Library Assistant Director Hilary Peppers spoke with WLDS-WEAI News last week about the Books On Wheels program.

Peppers says the “book mobile” will be cruising around the city this summer, providing between 500-800 books for students to read while school is out.

“We have a great turnout for our programs, but we know there are so many kids in the community that just can’t get here. We wanted to bring the library to them. There are no library cards required and parents don’t need to sign anybody up,” notes Peppers.

“We have books that are separated by age group and interest. We even have foreign language books we are bringing out. Kids just need to stop by and see us. They are able to take books home for the week and then when we come back the next week they can swap those books out.”

Peppers says the library is focused on using its resources the best way possible.

“Well we are hoping to fill the gap that summer leaves when school isn’t in session and books aren’t in front of kids. Hopefully we can just keep them engaged this summer to prepare them a little more for next school year,” says Peppers.

The book mobile will make weekly stops at the Jefferson Park Community Center, Rolling Acres, West Central Mass Transit and Greenbriar Apartments from June 6th through August 15th.

The Books On Wheels schedule can be found on the Jacksonville Public Library website.