Monday morning update: warrant issued for suspect in Andrew Maul death

By Gary Scott on September 14, 2015 at 7:13am

An arrest warrant remains out for the man accused of fatally shooting 36-year-old Andrew Maul of Jacksonville in the parking lot of the Jacksonville Police Department on Friday night.

The warrant is for 61-year-old Robert Gill, also of Jacksonville.

Officers responded to a report of shots fired in the parking lot at around 6 p-m Friday. The lot was empty as police officers were either in the middle of a shift change or attending a downtown September 11th ceremony.

Maul was found in his pickup truck and later pronounced dead. Witnesses told us another truck sped off from the scene after the shooting.

Police say he shot Maul several times in the torso at point-blank range. A domestic issue is believed to be the cause. Morgan County Sheriff Randy Duvendack told the Jacksonville Journal-Courier Gill is Maul’s former father-in-law.

Jacksonville Police Lieutenant Adam Mefford spoke to our reporting partners at WICS ABC Newschannel 20 on Saturday.

The Jacksonville Police obtained arrest warrant Saturday for a Jacksonville man in relation to a murder in the Jacksonville police parking lot.

Jacksonville resident Robert Gill will be arrested and enter custody as soon as he receives medical care, according to police.

Gill is currently at a Springfield area hospital. the Morgan County coroner said Jacksonville resident  Andrew Maul was killed in the Friday shooting, and a domestic issue is believed to be the cause.

Police say gill was found last night injured next to a car fire they believe was caused when he crashed it.

“Based on digital, physical and interviews that we conducted, the evidence established a probable cause case that we felt strongly about,” says Mefford. “We presented our case to the state’s attorney. And due to that we were able to obtain an arrest warrant for him.”

Gill is currently being held on a 3 million dollar bond. Police say he shot Maul several times in the torso at point-blank range.

Jacksonville Police described the investigation as being in it’s infancy, and said there is plenty left to uncover.

Witnesses were shocked that a murder like this could happen in a police parking lot, but the police department says it doesn’t really make any difference where a crime takes place.
Gill is being treated for injuries at a local hospital, according to a press release.

Investigators believe the shooting may also be connected to a house fire at 1258 Perbix Road, in rural Chapin, which was owned by Maul’s mother, Debbie Bartz. The accident involving Gill on Markham Road happened a short distance away from the house. The State Fire Marshal is investigating the blaze.

When released from the hospital, Gill will be held on a 3-million-dollar bond.