Month of June’s eight-day 90s streak was first in a while

By Gary Scott on July 2, 2016 at 1:00pm

It’s not quite as bad yet as droughts Jacksonville has had in the last five years, but conditions certainly got much drier in the month of June.

The WLDS-WEAI recording station only picked up 1.12 inches of precipitation last month, with almost half of that coming in a one-day rain event measured on the first day of the month. Normally in June, we get about four-and-a-quarter inches of rain.

Couple that with exceptionally hot weather, and that’s a recipe for the “abnormally dry” category in which the National Weather Service has placed our region.

Our average temperature was 76 degrees, which is nearly five degrees higher than normal. We came within one degree of tying the record when we reached 94 degrees on June 12.

We had 15 days last month where temperatures reached at least 90 degrees, including eight straight days from June 10th to the 17th. The last time we had a 90-degree-plus streak that lasted that long was in 2012, when it was an eleven-day period in June and July.

We checked our weather records at WLDS-WEAI and found that the last time Jacksonville saw a stretch of eight straight days featuring 90-plus-degree temps in the month of June was back in 2005.