More overnight vehicle break-ins reported to Jacksonville Police

By Gary Scott on June 20, 2017 at 12:35pm

For the second day in a row, multiple reports of overnight vehicle break-ins were reported to Jacksonville Police.

Authorities received as many as ten reports yesterday morning of vehicle break-ins having occurred overnight between Sunday and Monday. And while Jacksonville Police had arrested an individual for criminal trespass to vehicle, and believed they could potentially be responsible for the series of break-ins, it appears that the culprit remains on the loose.

Jacksonville Police again received eight reports of either vehicle burglary or criminal trespassing to a vehicle that appear to have occurred overnight. According to authorities, this second series of car break-ins occurred in the same general area of town.

Lieutenant Shawn Walker with Jacksonville Police says the department is going in a different direction as far as their investigation. But he says they do have a suspect in mind.

“It’s been two days in a row, we do believe that the same person is responsible for the vast majority of them over the past two nights. The individual that we had in custody yesterday, we believe we’ve arrested him for everything he’s responsible for, and we’re looking in other directions now. At this time I don’t want to go into what evidence we have, but we do have several different pieces of evidence that point toward one individual. Hopefully an arrest will be made shortly,” says Walker.

Walker also says in the coming days, the department would be switching the way officers patrol overnight, but would not go into any further details regarding the change.