Morgan County Commissioners approve budget, Disabled Veterans Tax Exemption

By Ryne Turke on October 13, 2015 at 12:36pm

The final touches were made to the fiscal year 2015 Morgan County budget this morning.

During the Morgan County Board of County Commissioners meeting on Monday, Chairman Brad Zeller noted the adoption of budget transfers was “a little late” due to the unscheduled general election in September.

Zeller says the budget suffered a significant impact of $50-thousand in the Clerk’s Office account. Zeller emphasized that no area of the budget “had been busted” because of the special election.

The other highlight of the meeting included a discussion on the Disabled Veterans Real Estate Tax Exemption. Committee member Bill Meier says around 84 veterans in Morgan County use this service.

“Now what this is doing is bringing it down to disabled veterans that are 30-49 percent. They are going to be able to apply for this real estate exemption. It is going to save a lot of disabled veterans a lot of money. Also the veterans that are 70-100 percent disabled will receive a total exemption from property taxes. They won’t be paying anything for property taxes,” says Meier.

Veterans must apply at the Assessors Office in the Morgan County Courthouse before December 31st to be eligible.