Morgan County Employees To Honor Geirnaeirt At Court House

By Benjamin Cox on June 16, 2020 at 2:39pm

Morgan County is preparing to mourn the loss of its Treasurer. Jenny Geirnaeirt passed away in an early morning accident this past Friday. Morgan County Board Chairman and long-time friend Bradley Zeller says that the County’s offices will pause for remembrance during Geirnaeirt’s funeral procession on State Street tomorrow. “Initially, we’re going to get an email out to every office we have in the courthouse, and we would like to shut down and have every employee as possible on the county courthouse steps for the funeral procession at 11 o’clock tomorrow. During that timeframe there will be an inconvenience of the courthouse being shut down, but we are trying to conduct business as much as possible. We are all reminiscing here and we are all still feeling the loss.”

Geirnaeirt’s absence and knowledge will be missed as the county continues through its annual property tax cycle. Zeller says the treasury staff is going to do their best despite the circumstances. “We’ve had conversations with her staff, and they have been trained. They are proceeding forward with collecting payments. We have also been in contact with our software provider which runs the tax cycle software, and they are gathering their information and they will have staff here to help train our staff and follow all of the requirements that the office is required [to perform]. We will proceed in that direction. We will miss some steps. We understand that, but we are going to do the best we can in Jenny’s absence.”

Zeller says that replacing a deceased public officials is one he is unfortunately familiar with during his tenure in office. He says that the Morgan County Republican Party will caucus in the coming weeks and bring forth a candidate for the county commissioners to approve to fulfill the remainder of Geirnaeirt’s term, which ends in November 2022.

The Geirnaeirt Family will have a drive-thru visitation at Williamson Funeral Home beginning at 4PM today.