Morgan County Garden Club hosts first of two Perennial Plant Sales this afternoon

By Benjamin Cox on April 24, 2018 at 1:27pm

Spring is here, and that means it’s time to get the garden looking serene and pretty for homeowners and passers by to enjoy.

The Morgan County Garden Club Perennial Plant sale will be held this afternoon from 4-6pm at the Prairie Land Heritage Museum Building. People can come and make a selection from all kinds of beautiful plants, like daylilies, iris, sedum, ferns, columbine, daisies, lily-of-the-valley, and many more.

Anita Moody is the Plant Sale Chairperson of the Morgan County Garden Club. Moody speaks on the recent weather woes and the beauty of the plants in spite of the cold.

“As everybody probably knows, mother nature has not been kind to us this spring. The plants are not coming up as quickly and as well as we’d like. We do have quite a few plants that we are going to have for sale. A lot of our plants are still small because it’s been a very cool spring, but we have enough plants of enough variety that it’s very well worth the public coming to see what we have. They’re all hearty, good-looking plants that come from our gardens and our friends’ gardens.”

Moody describes the time frame for the sale, as well as how the Garden Club will help direct people to the Prairie Land Heritage Museum Building.

“We start our sale at four o’clock and we sell until six. We try to price accordingly so that they’re very worthwhile, very good values. They’re will be signs throughout the city, mostly in that quadrant near Morgan and Diamond and Lincoln. There will be signs to direct people to where we are and we have big signs put up. Parking is great. Hopefully, the weather’s gonna be cooperative for a bit and it won’t be rainy because we make people wait outside until four o’clock, to make it fair for everybody.”

Moody talks about why the doors will be closed until 4pm, as well as closing thoughts regarding the Garden Club’s community involvement.

“You know, we’ve only had one day, one time that is was raining there, and there’s a little entry room where people can stand, and if it’s really nasty weather we take pity. But it’s not fair to people who can’t get there right at four to have people to come in and buy before four o’clock opening.”

“One of the things that I do want the community to know is the profits that we make from this we try to pump back into the community. We’ve made a donation to the Spirit of Faith for landscaping around their facility. We donate to the Duncan mansion for their landscaping. We’re working with the Dreams Foundation to work on their landscaping. So the money that we take in, we try to pump back into the community.”

The Morgan County Garden Club will also be holding a Perennial Plant Sale Saturday, May 19th for those who cannot make the sale today, or if they missed out on a couple plants they really wanted that may not have been available.