Morgan County GIS Department introduces new technology

By Gary Scott on November 8, 2016 at 6:01am

Life just got a little easier for local residents seeking taxpayer and property information in Morgan County.

The Morgan County GIS (Geographical Information Systems) Department has officially launched a new Property Search Tool, which gives public access to assessment information, maps, and a link to the County Treasurer’s online payment system in near real-time.

GIS Coordinator Shawn Artis believes the search tool will be beneficial for a number of reasons.

“We think the public will really like this site cause it kind of combines three county offices into one site. It has all the assessory information that we’ve had in the past with photos, sketches, but it’ll have more assessment information on structures and the data will be live, or almost live data. It’ll have recording information from the County Clerk’s on it, it’ll even have a link to the online payment system through the Treasurer’s Office, and of course it’ll have the GIS maps,” says Artis.

Known as DENVET wEdge, the new search tool creates a more transparent assessment process by providing access to current and historical property information.

The search tool also connects local governmental offices, outside agencies, partner organizations and the public to authoritative taxpayer information.

Visit the County’s Mapping Portal at or go directly to to access the new search tool.