Morgan, Scott EMS groups to receive $20,000 from Dakota Pipeline

By Gary Scott on October 31, 2017 at 6:05am

Dakota Access Pipeline, LLC is announcing plans to donate $20,000 to each of Emergency Management Agencies in the twelve counties along the pipeline route in Illinois.

Among those twelve are both Morgan and Scott Counties, as well as Pike, Brown, Schuyler, Adams and Hancock counties. For our state along, Dakota Access Pipeline is donating $240,000 to Illinois counties. And all together, including Illinois, the organization is pledging a total of $1 million across 50 counties in North Dakota, South Dakota and Iowa.

A ceremony is scheduled for this Thursday at the Mt. Sterling Fire Department/Emergency Operations Building from 2 to 2:30, where the seven counties in west central Illinois will receive their $20,000.         Also according to the press release from Dakota Access Pipeline, both Morgan and Scott Counties plan to use the money to provide training and equipment for all first responders within their respective counties.

Dakota Access is also donating $60,000 each to the Illinois 4-H and Illinois FFA foundations. A presentation for these funds will also take place Thursday at Jacksonville High School between 4 and 5 p.m.