Movie featuring lead actress from Jax gets downtown “red carpet” treatment tonight

By Gary Scott on March 19, 2016 at 8:24am

Meg Davis and Jackie Manker in a scene from "Proximity".

Look out for a “red carpet” event in downtown Jacksonville today.

The Illinois Theatre is holding a special showing of the independent film “Proximity”, starring Jacksonville native Jackie Manker. It also includes St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Adam Wainwright.

Proximity director and writer Dan Steadman talked to us on “What’s On Your Mind?” on WLDS on Friday, and says the red carpet event will be held at 5 p-m. He says this is a chance for West Central Illinoisans to celebrate local arts.

“I lived in [Los Angeles] for ten years, and of course, out there, you can go to a red carpet every night, and it gets boring after a while, but I think when you’re doing it in different parts of the country, there’s such an excitement in the air, and it really is like people celebrating each other, whether you’re artistic or not, it’s sort of motivating to be around people who are following their passions and telling- hopefully- interesting stories,” says Steadman. “And it’s also interesting, because a lot of people just aren’t familiar with independent films.”

The movie has also been show in Centralia and Belleville. Steadman says it’s being shown in Jacksonville thanks to Mayor Andy Ezard.

“The fact that he took an interest when it was just being talked about online, and he generated excitement for the city, that’s exactly why we’re there. And it was great for me, we had just sold out the Lincoln Theatre in Belleville with 500 seats at this historic theater. I got excited about discovering a new theater, the Illinois Theater is such a great venue. I’m really looking forward to bringing something downtown there,” he says.

There will also be a question-and-answer session during the red carpet event, and an after-party at On The Rox tonight in downtown Jacksonville.

To learn more about the movie, listen to the full interview with Steadman below: