Nearly inch and a half of rain measured in Jax in September

By Gary Scott on October 3, 2015 at 9:14am

If you were a farmer who wanted dry conditions for September harvesting, you mostly got it this past month in Jacksonville.

The WLDS-WEAI recording station recorded 1.45 inches of rain last month. The main rain event was on the 11th, when we measured 0.95 inches, two days after getting 0.44 inches. After the 11th, though, we only saw 0.07 inches of rain.

The wettest September in Jacksonville history was nearly 16 inches back in 1993. The average precip total is 3.5 inches.

70.9 degrees was our average temperature, with an average high of 84.3 degrees and a low of 57.5. That’s nearly three degrees below our normal.