New Chief Judge in local circuit

By Gary Scott on November 14, 2014 at 8:39am

The judicial circuit that includes Morgan County has a new Chief Judge.

Circuit Judge Ken Deihl of Macoupin County has been appointed to the position in the Seventh Judicial Circuit by a vote of the other judges in the circuit.

Deihl will replace Judge Leslie Graves, whose current two-year term as Chief Judge is expiring. The appointment is effective December 1st, according to a press release.

The Seventh Judicial Circuit includes Sangamon, Macoupin, Morgan, Scott, Greene and Jersey Counties.

Deihl will serve as the administrative head of the Seventh Circuit. His responsibilities will include supervising the personnel, financial and case management duties of the circuit and seeing that the business of the courts in each of the circuit’s counties is conducted efficiently and effectively.

Deihl will also serve on the Conference of Chief Circuit Judges, which meets regularly to discuss issues related to the administration of justice in the circuit courts and other matters referred to the Conference by the Supreme Court.

Illinois is divided into 24 judicial circuits, each with a chief judge.