New Directions hoping to boost Jacksonville employment with new program

By Ryne Turke on November 30, 2015 at 2:25pm

A new job-program in Jacksonville is hoping to improve the lives of individuals struggling with unemployment.

New Directions has teamed up with local service organizations, like Hobby Horse, DCFS, Lincoln Land Community College, JACIL and the Women’s Crisis Center, to make sure the unemployed have the skills to obtain a job.

New Directions Director Vanessa Tyus says a grant from Springfield-based Opportunities with a Vision kick started the funds for the seven-week program.

“We are giving them classes on parenting, drug and alcohol and domestic violence.”

Tyus says the program is already drawing some interest from the community.

“I’m running the classes at 15, but we are shooting for 25. Our next class with start the first Tuesday in January. We will have more information coming up.”

Individuals can sign up for the free program at New Directions, 100 South Fayette, or by calling 473-0434.

New Directions will be accepting donations to benefit the program over the next few months.