New MacMurray president Tierno makes it official in inauguration

By Gary Scott on September 19, 2015 at 1:48pm

The sixteenth president of MacMurray College, Dr. Mark Tierno, spoke to faculty and staff this morning at the school’s Annie Merner Chapel.

Tierno talked about the importance of education in America, bringing up things like the Scopes Monkey Trial, the banning of books in the McCarthy-era Communism scare, and stressed the importance of free exchange of ideas, and equality.

“This storied old institution, MacMurray College, 17 decades and counting, founded 14 years before Abe Lincoln was elected. Mac is one of the oldest colleges,” he said. “Now together, we will redefine its future. I will no doubt ask many here to help make that future nothing short of grand.”

   Tierno told the audience it’s perfect ok for there to be differing views.

“Too often, people fail to differ without anger. In my experience, this is particularly so in the academy. Why?” asked Tierno.

“I now state unequivocally that I will strive to avoid anger and animosity here when disagreeing with others, and I ask you to commit to doing the same. I’m committed to supporting an academic environment for MacMurray College in which we promote and nourish the freedom to explore, discuss and examine ideas, concepts, proposals and principles and do so citing evidence using reason and logic to arrive at sound, defensible conclusions,” he continued.

   He added it was humbling to step into the presidency, succeeding Colleen Hester.

“I look forward to working with everyone here at MacMurray in the development of a college community that reflects the best possible in expression of the great ideals upon which our society has been built,” he said.

“I ask all here to help MacMurray College to build both the feeling and the reality of community, a community in which we invest the very best of ourselves and a community for which we can justifiably feel genuine pride,” Tierno continued.

   You can listen to Tierno’s full speech by clicking below.