New tablets being used by South Jacksonville Police Department

By Gary Scott on November 4, 2016 at 1:13pm

The South Jacksonville Police Department is getting some much-needed technology updates.

Several months ago, South Jacksonville Trustees approved the purchase of new computer tablets to be used in the police department’s squad cars.

With those tablets now arriving, South Jacksonville Police Chief Josh Hallock says there are a number of advantages offered by the new technology.

“There’s a lot of additional features on the tablets that allow us to consolidate technologies that in the past have been separate. So there’s numerous different aspects of our job that we’re able to consolidate into one technology. We’re able to get rid of the duplicate computers that we had in the office cause the tablets actually just come right out of the stand in the car, then you can put it in stand at your desk and you can work seamlessly from car to the police department. So it’ll be a long-term money-savings option for us there, it’s definitely a good thing,” Hallock says.      .

Hallock explains exactly what the new technology provides for on-duty officers.

“Basically the tablet, in taking the place of the in-car computer, allows the officer on the streets to maintain contact with dispatch. Every time you see a police car headed down the street with the lights and sirens on, that car is getting up updated information as to the nature of the problem, who is on scene, how many other officers are responding, things of that nature. It’s an upgraded version of that same technology, everything that basically encompasses the record-keeping portion of the police officer’s paperwork is all housed there in that technology,” says Hallock.     .                   :

According to Hallock, every squad car has a tablet and every full-time officer is assigned a tablet that goes in their car and then can be used at their desk.

Hallock says the installation process has gone pretty seamlessly so far.