Next Elementary School Remodel, Boundaries to be discussed at District 117 Board meeting

By Gary Scott on July 19, 2017 at 7:24am

One of the more important District 117 Board meetings is set to take place tonight.

Starting off the evening will be a Committee of the Whole Meeting at 6 o’clock. Here, board members will have a discussion on the district-wide boundary process, which has taken significant steps in recent weeks.

Following the initial meeting, the regular board meeting kicks off around 7 p.m. The first item listed on the agenda is a public hearing concerning the intent of the Board of Education of the District to sell not to exceed $15-million dollar General Obligation Bonds for the purpose of altering, repairing and equipping school buildings and facilities and improving school sites.

While several important items find their way onto the agenda, among the most important is a discussion over the next elementary school remodel. Board members will discuss this matter in the reports portion of the meeting, then subsequently consider it as an action item following a closed session.

Following last week’s meeting, Board President Noel Beard encouraged local residents to share their feedback regarding the boundary process and other district projects, and visitors and public comment will be welcome this evening.

Both meetings take place in the media center at Jacksonville High School.