No charges filed after ISP investigation in South Jacksonville

By Gary Scott on March 11, 2015 at 7:13am

Linda Douglass (left), Gordon Jumper (right) in a 2013 file photo.

The Illinois Attorney General’s Office is declining to file any charges after an investigation into alleged wrongdoing in South Jacksonville’s Village Hall.

Illinois State Police conducted a nearly year-long investigation last year. We reported on the ongoing investigation in the summer, but it apparently had begun in January 2014 after current village clerk Dani Glascock went to authorities to report possible illegal activity in the village.

Investigators specifically listed three allegations against former village clerk Linda Douglass on a 500-plus-page report released in late 2014. They are theft, theft over $500, and other theft.

Douglass was elected village clerk in 2000 while at the same time being employed as the village’s water-sewer clerk.

The police report indicates multiple officials told village president Gordon Jumper they believed Douglass was stealing money, and that she was pocketing cash payments when running water/sewer accounts.

When we asked Jumper if he believed it was possible Douglass, as water-sewer clerk, stole money from the village, this was his response:

“I have no evidence to support that. I mean, I understand those allegations have been made. There is no evidence that I’ve been provided that supports that. I’ve heard the allegations in every case,” Jumper says.

“I have asked very simply, show me the evidence, and we’ll take a look at it. And, I’ve not seen it.”

Linda Douglass’ attorney declined to have her speak to us, citing a “pending internal investigation” against unspecified individuals.

We’ve broken up this story into two “What’s On Your Mind?” programs that air this morning and Friday at 10:30 a.m. We’ll focus today on the alleged illegal activity in the South Jacksonville water-sewer department, including alleged mishandling of security deposits.

On Friday, we’ll jump to alleged illegal document destruction, alleged funny business with the Village Hall computers, and alleged inappropriate conduct by South Jacksonville’s Police Chief. Plus, we’ll talk to village trustees who talk about what they’d like to see changed in South Jacksonville government.