Noll adjusting to new position as Morgan County State’s Attorney

By Ryne Turke on January 10, 2016 at 9:33am

Morgan County welcomed a new state’s attorney to the courthouse this week.

Gray Noll made the switch from Sangamon County Assistant State’s Attorney after the recent announcement that former Morgan County State’s Attorney Bobby Bonjean was stepping down from his position.

Noll appeared on WLDS’ “Am-Conversation” on Friday to talk about some of the issues he has already been presented with.

Earlier this week, a request was filed by state’s attorney candidate Tyson Manker for the new State’s Attorney to review all of the evidence collected since the South Jacksonville Ethics Complaint was filed.

Noll addressed that issue.

“I have yet to review any police reports on that, but I certainly will review any reports provided to me by law enforcement agencies. I will make a filing decision and file an appropriate charge.”

Noll, who plans to move in the county limits soon, says his top responsibility as a prosecutor is to keep the community safe.

“Tough on crime means taking the worst of the worst away from society if they show they can’t exist peacefully in society. We try to take it on a case by case basis. Certainly some people deserve the full maximum sentences and other people don’t.”

Noll doesn’t plan on making changes to the staff or day-to-day operations at the Morgan County State’s Attorney office at this time.

Noll graduated from Illinois College in 1999 and completed law school at Southern Illinois University in Carbondale.