Northridge Hills keeping doors open

By Ryne Turke on March 10, 2015 at 7:18am

The doors to Northridge Hills Golf Course will remain open.

General Manager Howie Pillsbury confirmed with WLDS/WEAI News that he will be leasing the property from the current owner. Pillsbury says the future of Northridge Hills appeared to be in serious jeopardy after it was announced in December the golf course would be closing for personal and financial reasons.

Through the help of home owners around the golf course, Pillsbury believes he can make Northridge Hills successful.

“They’re going to help me out financially and we will have memberships available for anyone living in the subdivision,” says Pillsbury.

“The home owners will be involved, with Northridge being a semi-private golf course. There will be different categories of membership and the home owners will get perks not everyone else will get. They will also continue to benefit from having a golf course in their backyard, which is why they put their house there in the first place.”

Pillsbury says being one of the original developers of Northridge Hills has prepared him for this experience.

“I’ve been doing this since I was 15 years old and I was ready to walk away, but I perceived. I was involved in a lot of meetings with home owners and existing customers who have been wonderful over the years. I think this is a gamble, but this is worth taking,” says Pillsbury.

Pillsbury hopes to have the transaction process completed and Northridge Hills up and running in two weeks.