Novel from American Haunting owner earns TV contract

By Ryne Turke on March 30, 2016 at 8:28am

A novel written by a local tour guide has landed a television contract.

American Haunting owner Troy Taylor’s book “The Devil Came to St. Louis”, which was released in 2006 and updated in 2014, tells the true story of a 1949 exorcism that inspired the film “The Exorcist.”

Taylor says talks of a film series have been in the works for two years.

“I had a lot of offers from studios about turning it into a film or tv series. I did a couple of documentary films about the book and case, but nothing like this.”

Taylor is listed as a consultant for the project, which is currently in the development stage with Legendary Entertainment.

“It is hard to say what will happen, but it is in development. They are trying to put together some scripts and put a production team together. It is the first step, but at least it has gotten farther than it was two years ago.”

With the success of Netflix and Hulu, Taylor says there are many different directions this project could go.

When he isn’t writing novel, Taylor is a frequent ghost tour guide in Jacksonville.