October Weather

By Gary Scott on November 3, 2020 at 9:34am

It was a dry and cool October this year.

     The average reading for the month was just a tick under 52 degrees. The long term normal for this area in October is 55 point 7 degrees.

     It was the coolest October here since a 50-point-1 average in 2009.

     Typical highs last month hit 64, and lows reached just under 40. Readings ranged from 84 on the 8th, to 27 on the final day of October.

     There were 7 days at 80 or better. Two nights slipped below 30.

     It was also considerably drier than normal. Total rainfall for October hit 1 and eighteen hundredths inches. Normal rainfall for October is just under 3 inches.

     There was some type of precipitation on 13 of the 31 days. But, just not much. The heaviest was the 44 hundredths that fell on the 23rd and 24th.

     Rainfall for the year is now at 35 and 62 hundredths inches. Normal rainfall by this time is 28-point-16 inches.

     WLDS-WEAI is a cooperative reporting station for the National Weather service.