October weather summary: average temps, drier than average

By Gary Scott on October 31, 2015 at 8:29am

With today being the final day of October, we look back on the month that was in weather.

The WLDS-WEAI recording station saw an average temperature of 57 degrees, which is fairly close to the normal numbers. The closest we came to setting any records was on October 22nd, when the high temperature was 82 degrees. The record, set on 1947 and 1979, was 86.

It was a somewhat dry month, with only about an inch-and-a-tenth of rain received. The normal precip total is nearly three inches.

The two main rain events came on the 21st, when we got three-fifths of an inch, and the 28th, as tropical storm remnants moved across the area and gave Jacksonville just over a half-inch of precipitation.

The good news is, October is the first month we start to see snow, and we didn’t measure any this month. The likelihood more than triples for November.