Operation Gratitude turns excess Halloween candy into gifts for military

By Gary Scott on October 29, 2016 at 10:47am

After two nights of trick-or-treating, some kids might have more candy than they can handle.

If you or your kids find themselves with too much candy, Illinois College’s Sigma Phi Epsilon has a solution.

For the past two years, the IC literary society has contacted local dentists about participating in “Operation Gratitude,” a national campaign that collects excess candy to send to men and women in the US military.

Jacksonville dentist Randall Lawson of College Avenue Dentistry says the extra candy goes towards to great cause.

“The offices that will be accepting the donations will collect it, then the girls from Sigma Phi Epsilon will pick it up and package it up. Essentially it’s just a way of taking that extra candy and putting it to an extremely beneficial use. That candy is sent to service men overseas, who use it mainly for making in-roads with the local population,” says Lawson.

Along with Dr. Lawson’s office, other collection sites include the offices of Dr. Marcia Auld, Dr. Eldon Barrowes, Dr. Kevin Harrington, Dr. Thomas Loughary, Dr. Matthew Lynch, Dr. Ron Lynch and Dr. Sheetal Sharma.

“Operation Gratitude” will collect candy starting Tuesday, November 1st until the following Thursday, November 10th.