Order of protection filed against Robert Heitbrink’s parents

By Gary Scott on September 2, 2015 at 8:33am

Another order of protection has been filed against a Jacksonville man accused of a 2013 murder.

The Jacksonville Journal-Courier is reporting details of Shelley Heitbrink seeking a court order to end contact between the parents of Robert Heitbrink and their grandchildren.

Robert Heitbrink was arrested in 2013 after his father-in-law, William McElhaney, was found stabbed to death in the Heitbrink residence garage.

Shelley and Robert Heitbrink divorced in 2005 but he had been living with his ex-wife and children. McElhaney was visiting the Heitbrinks from South Carolina when the alleged murder occurred.

In the court order, Shelley Heitbrink is asking that Robert’s parents, Charlie and Jane Heitbrink, have no contact with their two minor grandsons or adult granddaughter.

According to the city paper, Shelley Heitbrink has asked that the two attend a different church service than the one she and her children attend, but that her wishes have not been respected. She adds they feel uncomfortable around Robert’s parents because of their connection to him.

Emily Heitbrink, Shelley’s daughter, also requests in the order for the grandparents to stop attending the boys’ sporting events.

Circuit Judge David Cherry is scheduled to make a decision next week.

This isn’t the first order of protection to be filed in this case. Orders of protection filed by Shelley and Emily Heitbrink, as well as Connie McElhaney, the wife of William, against Robert Heitbrink in 2013 were extended last month.

Robert Heitbrink is due in Morgan County Court for a pre-trial appearance today on murder charges.